mar mayd and the sea

own a pan a tom dawar wase a mar mayd sh leveg in a casel but daya was a men mar mayd so the bad mar mayd tok the mar mayd and the men mar mayd patat to be mom and evere day the men mar mayd oways say to mar mayd dot go to huy mud lad.

The mermaid was very sad. She wondered what she could do to change the situation. One day, when she was sitting and trying to think of a clever plan she saw a tiny little beetle scurrying by. The beetle had a shiny turquoise back and sparkly wings. The mermaid leapt up and followed him.and the mar mayd cac him bat the bag dayd and the mar mayd ceray bat the men mar mayd was look the mar mayd and the mar mayd look the men mar mayd too so the mar mayd go to home and the nadar day the the mar mayd tot abawt the won boy and the doorim cam the boy cam and the mar mayd go to the boy and the boy look the mar mayd to and the boy gat love and day mayarmet to gadr and day lev in the casl and day had good tiym tig ca bal

tec ca bal

once upon a time there was a fairy called Tinkerbell and Peterpan. And one day Tinkerbell and Peterpan thought the three kiss. One girl and two boys and Tinkerbell and Peterpan said to kids 'let's go to the Tinkerbell's house. And they go!!

the end

sisters barth day is omoest my sistars barth day so I wat to by pelazet bat I dat have mach mane so I asc to my mom can I have mani pelese and mam sade okye thk you mom I sade and I go to by pelazet ooh I wat tehs barbei doll I well by tese and I byd it and I geve to my sister and my sistar sade tack you. de aend