Once upon a time there was a little girl called Olivia and she was very clever. One day Olivia heard she was having a baby. Ava was very happy. Olivia was very cross she didn't want to have baby but if the baby was a girl then Olivia would like her allot she would always feed her and look after her but best of all Olivia was allowed to choose what her name would be . And Olivia was Right it was a girl the day before Olivia's mum was back Olivia's British grandparent's would come and look after Olivia and her sister for Olivia's mummy since she was in the hospital looking after my little sister and when I heard I was going to see her I thought she would come back but she didn't and it wasn't the day before Olivia's mum was not going too be out of Hospital until next week NEXT WEEK Olivia said next week is a long time. I can't wait that long that's seven day's can't she come next Wesdnesday because it will be my birthday.

My mermaid story

Once upon a time there was a mermaid called Ariel. She was very beautiful and she loved to wear make-up and lipstick and get new hairstyles. But recently, the only thing on her mind was a fashion show. Her friends tried to cheer her up but it was no good. She was desperate to go to the fashion show. When she woke up one morning she saw something on her bed. She thought that it was an invitation to the fashion show but it wasn't. It was an invitation to a Christmas party. "Well it's better than nothing" she sighed. The invitation said she had to dress as Mrs Claus and she had to bring cookies. "I wonder who is Father Christmas" she thought to herself. But she didn't know that the prince of her dreams was Father Christmas.

When Ariel got to the party she saw the prince of her dreams dressed up as Father Christmas. But then she saw a mean girl and the mean girl wanted to marry the prince of Ariel's dreams. Ariel was shocked. Ariel thought that it would be just her and the prince. She was so upset she went home. Then the prince realized what he had done. When the party was over Prince Eric went to Ariel's house. When he got there he saw her crying. "Why are you crying?" he asked. Then Ariel said "Oh Santa!" But it wasn't Santa. "Don't you recognize me?" he said. "YES! I DO! I DO!" Ariel cried .

BUT down in the hallway some one was shouting "WHY ARE YOU HERE I TOLD YOU TO STAY AT THE PARTY." It was the mean girl. She was very angry. Prince Eric took his sword out of his belt and poked the mean girl’s tummy "Are you okay?" Eric asked Ariel in a kind voice. "Of course I am" Ariel cried "If you weren’t here then no one would have gone to the party and got those party bags" Ariel said. "You're right!" Eric said "Come on let’s take her to the Hospital so we can explain what happened." Eric announced

When they got to the hospital they waited for there name to be called. Ariel though "that's not a bad idea." When they got home it was Christmas. Ariel got married to Eric because they loved each other. Ariel had a VERY pretty dress with pink flowers on it. When Eric got home he heard some crying Whaaaa WHAAAAAAAAAAAA He was very happy because he had two babies. One was a gir and one was a boy . The girl's name was Sophie the boy's name was John .