Welcome to the KC Storytellers wiki.

The children in KC are experienced writers and have published fiction and non-fiction pieces. They have had many opportunities to work collaboratively with the children in our own kindergarten classes and with children in other kindergarten classes around the world. Through this wiki we are hoping to collaborate with parents and other friends out-side of our classroom.

Each child has got their own page on the side bar on the left hand side. Open any page you wish, and read the story. If you wish to add to the story, simply click edit. You can then add sentences or paragraphs to the story or
add adjectives and other describing words to make sentences more interesting. Remember to click save when you have finished editing.

We talked about how to use the wiki thoughtfully so that everyone's work is respected. The children came up with the following essential agreements:
  • No-one should delete anyone else's work except ...
  • The owner of the story can delete an edit to their own story if they do not like it.
  • It is okay to correct other people's spelling mistakes.

If you have time, you could leave a note on on the discussion page after you have edited a story telling us who you are and where you got your ideas from. The children will be intrigued to know something about their fellow collaborators.